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Ace of Baits Lobster Bait

Haul In More Lobsters with Ace of Baits Quality Lobster Baits!

Whether fishing in warmer shallow waters or deep colder waters, we have the lobster bait solution for you! These 100% Canadian made bait pellets and the new revolutionary Patent Pending time release bait cakes are specifically formulated for the commercial lobster fishery. If lobsters are in your area, they will be in your trap! Please review each option carefully in deciding what bait is best for your application and location. 

• Time Release Bait Cakes (Most Popular Choice) - HERRING or SARDINE BLEND
• Bait Pellets with Fish Oil Attractant

Option A: Ace of Baits Patent Pending Time Release Bait Cakes

Bait cakes are composed of 100% Natural Fish & Fish Oil Products. You have a choice between a Herring or Sardine Blend bait cake. The availability and consistency of bait today is becoming increasingly less and less each year, which has forced fishermen to look for any and all alternatives. Look no further, through years of extensive product research and development we are proud to offer you this revolutionary solution by means of our patent pending time release formula which keeps you fishing where others can’t.

Bait Cakes come in three sizes for you to choose from. Each size is designed to last a specific number of days, giving you the advantage of re-baiting only when necessary; plain and simple, this SAVES you TIME and MONEY! These cakes have outstanding performance in all conditions, whether in warm or cold water temps, and can be used with most common bait jars and fine mesh bait bags on the market today!

Traditional raw bait costs have always been viewed and calculated as per pound.  Bait Cakes however are viewed as per unit cost, in other words . . . How much does it cost you per day per trap?

Product Handling Store in cool dry place away from heat sources, including the concentration of direct sunlight. Product cannot be stored or re-packaged after use, designed for one-time use only.Bait_Cakes_-_3_Size_V3.png

Bait Cakes are available
in the following Commercial sizes:


1T3D - One to Three Day Bait Cake
 • Approximately 3" x 1.5"
 • 12 cakes per pack / 8 packs per case / 60 cases per pallet
 • Approximately 4.80 lbs. per 12 pack
 • 480 packs (5,760 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet at 51" height

1T5D - One to Five Day Bait Cake
 • Approximately 3" x 2"
 • 12 cakes per pack / 6 packs per case /
   60 cases per pallet
 • Weight: Approximately 6.38 lbs. per 12
 • 360 packs (4,320 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet at 51" height
- One to Nine Day Bait Cake

 • Approximately 3" x 3"
 • 12 cakes per pack / 4 packs per case /
   60 cases per pallet
 • Approximately 9.48 lbs. per 12 pack
 • 240 packs (2,880 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet at 51" height

Bait Cakes are also available in the following
Sport 2 Pack Crab Bait Cake size:


  • Approx. 3” x 1.5” in size 
  • 2 individual cakes per pack 

How to Use:

Step 1: Open package and remove Bait Cakes. Discard the small desiccant pouch(s) in an appropriate garbage receptacle. (note: desiccants are used to ensure product freshness until time of use)

Step 2 (Two options)
Option A: Place bait cake in an adequately vented bait jar (such as seen with Scotty’s vented bait jar design). Caution: if the height of the bait cake is seen to be more than half the height of the container, do not use this container. As the bait cake soaks it will grow. If container is not of suitable size for expanse to take place, the bait will push against the container lid which could hinder the baits performance characteristics to take full effect, not allowing adequate breakdown
Option B: Place bait cake in fine mesh bait bag and close tightly. It is Recommended to shorten mesh bag space to limit excessive bait movement which could cause premature breakdown and dissipation. If allowed to freely move about in the bait bag, the mesh of the bag can act as a "cheese grater" which will affect the amount of fishing days you get out of it.  Its also important to note that if you are using a fine mesh bait bag you should also protect it with a bait cage of some sort to prevent the crustaceans claws from ripping and tearing thereby mashing the cake which again will affect the overall fishing days

Product Handling Store in cool dry place away from heat sources, including the concentration of direct sunlight. Product cannot be stored or re-packaged after use, designed for one-time use only. Please help protect our marine environment by recycling product packaging.



If using in COLD and/or DEEP water temperature applications:

Option 1:  In the cold winter months when the outside temperature is coldest you can opt to Pre-soak the bait cake(s) by placing them in an adequate tub of seawater the night before.  This will slightly rehydrate or otherwise moisten the bait cake thus allowing the cakes attractant value to immediately take affect. Please remember that this pre-soaking method can affect your total overall longevity or fishing days of the bait cake vs not pre-soaking as stated in Option 2.

Bait Cakes are designed with a special "Time Release" formula which, depending on fishing depths, currents and locations, these colder environments can possibly delay the cakes full performance or activation value by requiring a longer soak period for water absorbtion to take place. These colder temperatures can extend the bait cakes longevtiy or fishing days by providing an evnironment for slower extended breakdown characteristics.  Ones have found that by following this simple pre-soak step, it is possible to see instant performance while still enjoying the fishing longevity.

Option 2:  Bait your traps without pre-soaking allowing the normal absorption rates to take place. This method is good for ones that are not planning on pulling their traps for multiple days at a time, so pre-soaking is not of a concern.

Fishermen, for the most part, have followed the traditional raw baits of the past and hesitate when it comes to trying new products due to not only  being unfamiliar with the product, but the uncertainty that comes along with it.  If this describes yourself and you are concerned about the results when pulling on your first day soak, then Option 3 is the "no risk" option for you!

Option 3:  Bait your traps with our bait cake. In addition to this put a small amount of your normal bait of choice in the trap in a seperate container . . . REMOVE this bait after your first pull.  Why?  This has given the cake the time to pre-soak while in the traps and now has full perfomance value.  This method will ensure you have the peace of mind with no uncertainty regarding your catch!!!

If using in WARM and/or SHALLOW water temperature applications:

Do NOT "pre-soak" as was discussed with regards to colder temperatures.  Why?  The warm water temperatures allow for quicker water absorbtion thus re-hydrating the bait cake allowing the bait to perfom to its maximum level more rapidly.

Pellets.jpgOption B: Ace of Baits Premium Blend
Lobster Bait Pellets and Fish Oil Attractant

This 100% Canadian made bait is formulated for the commercial lobster fisheries. Bait Pellets are formed under high heat and pressure, thus creating the hardness required for gradual breakdown when submersed in water. Due to the high heat and pressure caused by this process though, the attractant value essentially changes thus hindering the performance in colder waters such as been found in the waters of the east coast of Canada and the USA with regards to crustaceans as the American Lobster (Homarus americanus); within North America it is also known as the northern lobster or Maine lobster. The true performance of this bait form is reached in, and recommended for use in, shallower warmer water climates such as for the Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus); another common name is the Florida Spiny Lobster.

Product Handling Store in cool dry place away from heat sources, including the concentration of direct sunlight. Product cannot be stored or re-packaged after use, designed for one-time use only.

Ace of Baits Lobster Bait is available in this convenient size:
26.4 lbs / 12kg Lobster Bait Pellets (Commercial size - 64 Bags per pallet)

Boost your catch by adding Ace of Baits Lobster Scent Fish Oil Attractant:
• 5 Gal / 20L Premium Lobster Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Commercial size)

half-full-scotty.jpgGetting Started:

Marinate Bait for Maximum Results Open the bait bag containing the bait pellets and remove the required amount of lobster bait for a day’s fishing and put it in a suitable bucket or container for marinating. Pour Lobster Scent Fish Oil attractant over the bait pellets until sufficiently covered or to top of bait. Cover and leave bait to marinate overnight for best results. Drain excess oil from the bait into an appropriate size container with a sealed cap or lid making sure to limit the amount of airspace (excess oil will stay fresh for years, if properly stored, and can be reused for your next trip).

  1. Fill bait jar with approx. 1/2 lb (8oz) marinated lobster bait pellets, leaving enough space to allow for bait expansion and breakdown. DO NOT OVERFILL, this will not allow bait to perform to it’s full potential!
  2. If using a 1/2 L or 1 L solid bait jar and not Scotty’s new vented bait jar, make sure enough holes are drilled into the bait jar top, bottom, and sides to allow the bait to dissipate (average hole size 3/16”).
  3. Make sure your bait jar’s lid is screwed on tight.  Place the jar in an appropriate location within the trap for best results.
  4. When re-baiting, it is highly recommended that you dump out the remaining bait contents and freshly re-bait.  This will ensure maximum attractant value at all times.
  5. Please help protect our marine environment by recycling product packaging.

For more suggestions and options, please see BAITING TIPS.

Still can’t decide what bait is best for you?

The breakthrough development of the bait cakes has, hands down, proven to be the winner for all areas and applications.  The bait pellets, being of a different form and more site specific, has results which can largely vary depending on climate and location.