Ace of Baits

Catch More Prawns with Ace of Baits Premium Blend Prawn Bait!

This 100% Canadian made bait is specifically formulated and packaged for the commercial and sport prawn fisheries. Fishermen consistently say that using Ace of Baits products gives them an average of 30% more yield! This is due to the fact that our pellets have the highest richness of attractants that you can possibly put in a pellet and our prawn scent fish oil attractant is just that . . . a pure refined fish oil mixer with no thinners or additives to increase volume.

Our business is to produce bait which attracts your catch. We DO NOT develop, produce, or supply fish farms, which other pellets on the market today are formulated and used for. After all, is our objective to feed small numbers at best, or to attract the large numbers into our traps? The season is only so long and quickly passes by. We all know fishing is called fishing for a reason but, rest assured,  Ace of Baits products give you the best chances for success!!

Ace of Baits Prawn bait and oil attractant have also proven to be an excellent attractant for crawfish, sometimes referred as crayfish.

Ace of Baits Prawn Bait is available in these convenient sizes:

  • 44 lbs / 20kg Bag Premium Prawn Bait (Commercial size – 50 bags per pallet)
  • 12 lbs / 5.45kg Tub Premium Prawn Bait (Sport Size)
  • 5 lbs / 2.25kg Tub Premium Prawn Bait (Sport Size)
  • 600g / 21oz Pack of 4 individually wrapped mini mesh Premium Prawn Bait bags (Sport Size)

Boost Your Catch with Ace of Baits Prawn Scent Oil Attractant.

  • 5 Gal / 20L Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Commercial size)
  • 32oz / 1L Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Sport size)
  • 8oz / 250ml Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Sport Size)

Getting Started...

Recommended to marinate for Maximum Results:
Open the bait bag or tub containing the bait pellets and remove the required amount of prawn bait for a day’s fishing and put it in a suitable bucket or container for marinating. Pour Prawn Scent Fish Oil attractant over the bait pellets until sufficiently cover or to top of bait. Cover and leave bait to marinate overnight for best results. Drain excess oil from the bait into an appropriate size container with a sealed cap or lid making sure to limit the amount of airspace (excess oil will stay fresh for years and can be reused for your next trip).

Step 1: Fill bait jar with approx. 1/2 lbs (8oz) marinated prawn bait pellets, leaving enough space to allow for bait expansion and breakdown. DO NOT OVERFILL, this will not allow bait to perform to its full potential!

Step 2: If using a 1/2 L or 1L solid bait jar and not Scotty’s vented bait jar design, or similar vented bait jar design, make sure enough holes are drilled into the bait jar top, bottom, and sides to allow the bait to dissipate (average hole size 3/16”).

Step 3: Make sure your bait jar’s lid is screwed on tight. Place the jar in the trap, making sure the jar is centered between the inlet tunnels of the trap (using zap ties through the mesh is a common practice and makes it easy to place jar in the right place).

Step 4: When re-baiting, it is highly recommended that you dump out the remaining bait contents and freshly re-bait. This will ensure you maximum attractant value at all times.

Please help protect our marine environment by recycling product packaging.

For more suggestions and options, please see BAITING TIPS