Ace of Baits


February 09, 2017

Ace of Baits is no longer producing its bait cake products in house. Now offering licensing opportunities to qualified companies.


Why did we stop production of this product in house?
Due to reports from all over Canada, USA, and abroad where the bait cakes have been succesfully used, it has been clear that the "landed" cost per cake to the fishermen is just to much. Therefore, the only way to drastically reduce this end cost along with eliminating the high costs of shipping is to allow qaulified companies interested in setting up their own operations to produce our bait cake products for their own markets in house. We are thus offering them a LICENSING OPPORTUNITY. Interested Companies should contact

We would like to thank all our loyal customers which enjoyed this product and do apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause for the time being. We hope that these said companies will take this opportunity to provide this product to you again soon.


Prawns, lobsters and crabs can't resist our bait.

The secret is in the bait mixtures. Canadian made from 100% natural fish products' Ace of Baits is a proven winner for both commercial and sport fishers. Check our new Patent Pending bait cakes which is not only turning the heads of lobster fishermen along the east coast of Canada and the USA but has grabbed the interest of other commercial fisheries and sport alike (such as Bering Sea crab and Black Cod fisheries). We are finding that these cakes not only outlast the raw form but are proving to be an excellent revolutionary alternative to the sloppy bacterial mess associated with traditional raw baits, while still keeping the scent trail strong!

schoors.jpgOwners Wayne Schoor and his sons Ryan and Stewart are committed to developing and testing new bait forms, expanding their applications for a multitude of fisheries, thus striving to continually add to its performance line of products.

Enjoy pulling in full traps as
well as saving time and money!

Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, Ace of Baits draws upon its commercial fishing industry background of over 20 years of experience to develop, produce, and market its 100% Natural baits and fish oil attractants across North America. Our products provide THE SOLUTION to today's growing bait shortages and other related concerns such as the undesirable effects on the environment. By eliminating the need for freezers and/or coolers and providing the desired shelf-life required to prevent the all-too-often unnecessary spoilage and expenses experienced with raw baits, we can supply the fishing community with an excellent efficient alternative to the traditional baits. Even though these products have been specifically designed for the Prawn, Crab, and Lobster fisheries, the uses and applications in both the sport and commercial industries continue to grow.

Whether a hard core Commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea of Alaska or offshore of Nova Scotia, an avid Sport fisherman along the west coast of British Columbia or in the Florida Keys, or a weekend Warrior just looking to have a good time with your family and friends ... Ace of Baits has the bait for you!

Lobster, Crab or Prawns, Maximize your Catch!

We find ourselves spending the time, money, and energy getting the boat and gear ready for the season or that special day trip with the kids but so often we don’t put much thought into the right bait for the job. After all the substantial outlay of time and expense already taken, it would be a shame that one of the most inexpensive but arguably the most important part of your trip is left to chance affecting your entire outlay and experiences.

Questions to consider:
• How often has my bait gone bad? 
• What is the real cost incurred with keeping it fresh? 
• Is my bait of choice readily available each season?
• Is there a bait alternative which will save me time and money?

The benfits of Ace of Baits versus Raw Baits: 


  • Outlasts raw baits and keeps fishing until completely gone
  • Tests shows no attraction of sea lice or sand fleas
  • No freezers or coolers required, saving you time and money
  • Stores easily and stays fresh, allowing you to keep more on the boat for any trip anytime
  • No water weight
  • 100% Natural fish attractant giving consistent, relaible quality
  • Starts fishing immediately
  • Maximum two days of fishing potency
  • Sea lice and sand fleas readily consume it
  • Time and money wasted to keep frozen, thaw out and prepare for a day's fishing
  • Becomes a sloppy bacterial mess
  • Money lost on water waste
  • Availability and consistency reducing every year
  • Yearly spoilage costs incurred

Satisfaction, we guarantee it. You can expect fair prices and outstanding service support from the Ace of Baits family and their representatives. Customers keep coming back for Ace of Bait's outstanding service and support.