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Ace of Baits Chum Cakes


Why did we stop production of this product in house?
Due to reports from all over Canada, USA, and abroad where the bait cakes have been succesfully used, it has been clear that the "landed" cost per cake to the fishermen is just to much. Therefore, the only way to drastically reduce this end cost along with eliminating the high costs of shipping is to allow qaulified companies interested in setting up their own operations to produce our bait cake products for their own markets in house. We are thus offering them a LICENSING OPPORTUNITY. Interested Companies should contact

We would like to thank all our loyal customers which enjoyed this product and do apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause for the time being. We hope that these said companies will take this opportunity to provide this product to you again soon.


Ace of Baits Co. Inc. is dedicated to producing products that are not only 100% Natural but have the quality and performance needed for today’s fishermen. Our patent pending time release Chum Cakes are no exception. They have been specifically designed and formulated, using 100% Natural Fish products, providing that strong scent associated with chumming, with the added bonus of lasting your entire day of fishing!

We well know the benefits of using chum bait today; whether for a charter operation or the family fishing trip, it can be the one item that makes your day go from just having a good time to having the time of your lives!

We are confident that Ace of Baits products will perform beyond your expectations, and becoming Your Bait of Choice.

For a detailed presentation on Ace of Baits Chum Cakes click here.

You may be asking yourself... Why use Ace of Baits Chum Cakes?

chum-bait.jpgThe Ace of Baits Advantages:
• Special patent pending time release process ensures a consistent day of fishing!
• Environmentally friendly 100% natural fish based attractant!
• No freezers or coolers required, saving you time and money!
• No sloppy bacterial mess, while keeping the scent trail strong!
• Stays fresh in the package for approximately six months, allowing you to keep more on the boat for any trip!

raw-chum-bait.jpgVersus the hassles with Traditional Raw Chum:
• Very short fishing times, lasts approx.
  one hour at best, forcing you to buy more.
• Loss of your money & time
• No shelf life, must be kept frozen
• Sloppy bacterial mess
• Spoils quickly Hassles in transportation times and keeping your vehicle and/or boat clean

How to Use:

Simply remove bait cake(s) from the package and place in a fine mesh bait bag (provided with combo packs). Do not include desiccant pouch(s), please discard and place in proper garbage receptacle.

Make sure your bait mesh bag is tightly closed around the bait cake and secured.

Properly secure the end of the bait bag leader line to your boat. Caution: We strongly recommend that the securing point of the bait bag leader line be chosen so as to prevent possible entanglement in prop.

Drop the bait bag over the side of your boat and start fishing!

Please help protect our marine environment by recycling product packaging.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place, away from heat sources including the concentration of direct sunlight. Product cannot be stored or re-packaged after use, designed for a one-time use only.

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