Ace of Baits

Ace of Baits Answers your Baiting Questions


What is the little pouch(s) in the bait cake or chum cake packages?
They are there to keep the products freshness, thereby providing the needed shelf-life. Once the package is opened, these pouch(s) can be discarded in an appropriate garbage receptacle.

Why are Ace of Baits bait pellets not as visibly oily in the bag as other brands out there, and what does this mean?
There is a maximum percentage of fish oil that can be added upon manufacturing, if exceeded the pellet would not hold together. Ace of Baits does not compromise in achieving this maximum, and also does not add any thinners or volume expanders as others have been known to do to save costs. Therefore, you can be confident that with Ace of Baits you get what you pay for... effective quality.

All they have done is put excessive overspray on the product as it is bagged. The purpose of this is normally to mask or hide the dry unnatural products that the pellet is composed. You have to deal with substandard oily pools that spill out of each bag. There is still a bigger concern... Is this even a pure fish oil mixer?

Let’s keep in mind that cheaper is not always better . . . are you willing to risk your season?

Why add Ace of Baits fish oil attractants to the bait?
Our mixtures of pure fish oil attractant have been specially formulated to be used in conjunction with the bait pellets to give that added boost when you drop you traps. Even though the bait pellets immediately start fishing, it does take a small amount of time for the pellets to absorb the water triggering the expansion process. Therefore, by marinating the pellets beforehand, you give yourself that immediate scent trail allowing the pellets expansion process to catch up while being sure to attract your catch.

Have you ever used a perfume or cologne before you went out to that special event? Why?

How many bags of prawn bait pellets can a 5 gallon bucket of prawn scent do?
Consumption can range anywhere from 6 to 10 bags per one five gallon bucket. This depends on factors such as... spillage, day’s temperature, and straining time.