Ace of Baits


A History of Delivering Quality Crab, Lobster & Prawn Bait.

In 2005 Wayne Schoor (centre) and his sons Ryan (right) and Stewart (left) purchased Ace of Baits Co. Inc. and based their headquarters on Vancouver Island, beautiful British Columbia Canada. With Wayne’s commercial fishing background, Ryan’s engineering background, and Stewart’s production management skills, along with hands-on determination, they set to work to develop prawn bait products and fish oil scent attractants that not only had outstanding performance, but at the same time protected the environment. They accomplished this feat, and exceeded their expectations with a loyal following of both commercial and sport fishermen... which keeps growing year by year!

After years spent developing and growing the prawn bait market, they then set out develop and supply the Lobster and Crab fisheries. They saw early on that these fisheries required an alternative bait to reduce and/or replace the traditional raw form most commonly used today. It was therefore evident to them that, due to the growing decline of available raw bait products affecting other commercial fisheries as well, fishermen would now more than ever be in need and benefit from a product like theirs.

Since the pellet form of bait was so successful with the prawn/shrimp fisheries, they developed a bait pellet which focused on the most effective fish species used by today’s fishermen. Even though these lobster bait pellets and crab bait pellets performed and proved effective for both sport and commercial fishermen, who continue to enjoy them to this day, the results were deemed inconclusive when taking into account all areas and locations of North America’s oceans.

Product development has been built not only on research and field testing, but most importantly by listening to the fishermen themselves. Using this philosophy, the company began a radical new process taking into account the years of knowledge and data accumulated, to create a product that not only is even more user friendly than our bait pellets and oil attractant, but also has outstanding performance over a desired number of days in both warm shallow waters and/or deep colder waters. The Result... Bait that is truly Revolutionary  - Ace of Baits patent pending Time Release Bait Cakes!

Due to this hard work and persistence, Ace of Baits has grown to what it is today... “North America’s Choice Bait Manufacturer.” The company’s products are currently being used and enjoyed by commercial and sport fishermen in Canadian provinces such as: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec; and in the USA: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Providence, and Maine to name a few.

Ace of Baits along with all associated representatives, are committed to providing quality products while offering fair prices and outstanding service and support for total customer satisfaction. Thank you for your time, they hope to be serving you too!