Ace of Baits


December 21, 2012 at 10:58 AM

" I am a recreational crabber in Northern California.  This is my first year crabbing and I am just learning the ropes.  I have been using Ace of Baits 5 Day Bait Cakes in one bait jar and fresh bait (squid) in another.  My observations are that the bait cakes are much cleaner and are not so foul smelling when used up.  The bait cakes work well and don't take up freezer space.  I am able to store it on my boat.  I will next use bait cakes exclusively in half my pots versus fresh baits in the other half.  I typically do 3-5 day soaks.  I anticipate no difference in catch rate.  I am looking forward to cleaner hands, clean deck and full pots!  The technical help from Ryan at Ace of Baits has been very valuable."

. . . Oscar Barrios - Sport Crab Fisherman, Northern California, USA

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