Ace of Baits


July 30, 2014 at 5:26 PM

Bait_Cake_Stack.pngCommercial Fishermen now have the opton of choosing their bait cakes in Sardine or the standard Herring Scent!  Ace of Baits is proud to announce that upon recent demand and inquiries from Alaskan Commercial Crab Fishermen and Canada's West Coast Crab Fishermen, the option of a bait cake in another scent has been highly anticipated and is now here.  We know that not every location or fishermens preference in bait are the same and thus saw a need for adding this as an option for them.  Choosing this new Sardine Cake Scent option is no accident as it has already been trialed in the Berring Sea of Alaska for King Crab with great success along with very happy results.

Please contact Ace of Baits and place your order for the Scent that most attracts you!

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