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Why did we stop production of this product in house?
Due to reports from all over Canada, USA, and abroad where the bait cakes have been succesfully used, it has been clear that the "landed" cost per cake to the fishermen is just to much. Therefore, the only way to drastically reduce this end cost along with eliminating the high costs of shipping is to allow qaulified companies interested in setting up their own operations to produce our bait cake products for their own markets in house. We are thus offering them a LICENSING OPPORTUNITY. Interested Companies should contact

We would like to thank all our loyal customers which enjoyed this product and do apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause for the time being. We hope that these said companies will take this opportunity to provide this product to you again soon.


This 100% Canadian made bait was originally designed to service the Crab & Lobster fisheries, but has proven to be a much more benefical and effective bait vs the pelletized bait forms of bait today for prawning as well, along with other uses such as Black Cod, Halibut, Sport Sturgeon, Slime Eel, Crawfish, and more. Fishermen, local and international, not only appreciate the convenience and ease of use of the bait cakes but consistently say that using Ace of Baits products gives them the added advantage and "insurance" factor knowing that their pots are still fishing when they just can't get out to them due to bad weather or other unforseen circumstances!

You can choose to use the cakes solely on their own or by using as a supplement by adding it in with your desired amount of raw baits as a "Combo" affect!  The number of ways of implementing and using the bait cakes are many, which enables you to find the best way to incorporate this bait with your gear.

Though it is not a requirement, you can also choose to maximize the amount of oil attractant in the cake thus "BOOSTING YOUR CATCH" that much more by simply "MARINATING, SOAKING, or DIPPING" the bait cake product (avoid too excessive amount of time) with our special PRAWN SCENT FISH OIL ATTRACTANT. The bait cakes are designed to have the maximum amount of fish oil attractant added upon the manufacturing process . . . but . . . after the initial manufacturing process is completed, the bait cake product can also absorb even more of the fish oil attractant for the extra "boost before use" if so desired.

One of the main reasons that the bait cakes have proven to be a more effective bait vs pelletized baits is that a pelletized bait is made under high heat and pressure which essentially "cooks" it; so no matter how much "potency" you try to put into it a pellet, at the end of the day it will always be "cooked" which will ultimatley reduce the performance value.  A Bait Cake on the other hand is essentially "cold pressed" which thus allows for the retention of the baits attractant values along with the added advantage of much longer soak times!  Fishermen are referring to the bait cakes as the new generation of pellet . . . its just a much larger one.

Our business is to produce the most potent performance value bait which will, if the prawn is there, attract your catch. The season is only so long and quickly passes by. We all know fishing is called fishing for a reason but, rest assured,  Ace of Baits products give you the best chances for success!!

Product Handling - DO NOT FREEZE (ie. Cold Storage, Commercial Freezers) - Store in cool dry place away from excessive heat sources such as the concentration of direct sunlight. Product cannot be stored or re-packaged after use, designed for one-time use only. (Baiting Instructions - CLICK HERE)


Ace of Baits Bait Cakes available in these Commercial Sizes:

1T3D - ONE TO THREE DAY BAIT CAKE:Case_of_Bait_Cakes.png

• Approximately 3" x 1.5"
• 12 cakes per pack / 8 packs per case / 60 cases per pallet
• 480 packs packs (5,760 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet
• Full pallet of 60 cases has a pallet height of approx. 51"

1T5D - ONE TO FIVE DAY BAIT CAKE:Bait_Cake_12PK_Stack_with_Single_12PK_1T5D_-_PNG_Office_2.png

• Approximately 3" x 2"
• 12 cakes per pack / 6 packs per case / 60 cases per pallet
• 360 packs (4,320 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet
• Full pallet of 60 cases has a pallet height of approx. 51"

1T9D - ONE TO NINE DAY BAIT CAKE:Bait_Cakes_1T5D_-_12PK_Opened_Dropshadow_PNG.png

• Approximately 3" x 3"
• 12 cakes per pack / 4 packs per case / 60 cases per pallet
• 240 packs (2,880 Cakes) per standard 40" x 48" pallet
• Full pallet of 60 cases has a pallet height of approx. 51"


Ace of Baits Bait Cakes available in these Sport Sizes:

SPORT 2 PACK:Crab_Bait_Cake_-_2PK_Group_dropshadow_PNG.png

• Each Bait Cake is approx. 3" x 1.5" in size each
• 2 Individual Cakes per Pack
• 30 Packs per Case

Please Note: Even though the main label of the 2 Pack Sport Pack shows or otherwise focuses on "Crab Bait" as the main heading, these cakes are the same cake used for Prawn Bait as well.

Boost Your Catch with Ace of Baits Prawn Scent Oil Attractant.

  • 5 Gal / 20L Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Commercial size)
  • 32oz / 1L Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Sport size)
  • 8oz / 250ml Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant (Sport Size)

Getting Started...

Keep in mind that you can also choose to go that extra mile by "Boost Before Use". Simply marinate, soak, or dip (avoid excessive amount of time) the bait cake in Ace of Baits Prawn Scent Fish Oil Attractant before use which will provide that much more saturation of fish oil attractant value!

Step 1: Open package and remove Bait Cakes. Discard the small desiccant pouch(s) in an appropriate garbage receptacle. (note: desiccants are used to ensure product freshness until time of use)

Step 2:
OPTION A: If using a 1/2 L or 1L solid bait jar and not Scotty’s vented bait jar design, or similar vented bait jar design, make sure enough hole patterns are drilled into the bait jar top, bottom, and sides to allow the bait to dissipate (average hole size 3/16”). Place bait cake in the adequately vented bait jar (such as seen with Scotty's vented bait jar design).Bait_Jar_with_Bait_Cake.png

Caution: if the height of the bait cake is seen to be more than half to 2/3rds the height of the container, do not use this container. As the bait cakes soaks it will grow and expand; if the container is not of a suitable size for this expanse to take place, the bait will push against the containers lid which could hinder the baits fully performance attracant value by not allowing adequate current flow through the jar which is required for the baits particles to be released and flow out.

OPTION B: Place the bait cake in a fine mesh bait bag and sinch the bag closed taking care to shorten the mesh bag space (if excessive) to limit internal bait movement which if allowed could cause Bait_Bag_with_Bait_Cake.pngpremature breakdown and dissipation (Sport fishermen going out only for the day do not have to be concerned about this as the quicker breakdown and dissipation of the cake would be desirable in this circumstance). For ones wanting the total longevity or as much fishing days as possible, this step is important since allowing the bait to freely move about in the bait bag will cause a "cheese grater" affect to the bait cake which will decrease the overall longevity. It is also important to note that if you are using a bait bag, it would also be highly recommended to protect the bag by placing in a bait cage of some sort to prevent easy unprotected access to the bait which if allowed would have the result of the cake being consumed much quicker vs being protected or using a bait jar.

Step 3: Make sure your bait jar’s lid is screwed on tight. Place the jar in the trap, making sure the jar is centered between the inlet tunnels of the trap (using zap ties through the mesh is a common practice and makes it easy to place jar in the right place).

Step 4: The amount of days you will get out of the bait cakes will vary depending on temperature, depth, cuurent strength, how many prawn in the trap at the time, etc; the bait is 100% natural fish products and so like anything it will eventually go sour if left to long a time. It is therefore highly recommended that after a reasonable number of days, you dump out the remaining bait contents and freshly re-bait. This will ensure you maximum attractant value at all times.

Please help protect our marine environment by recycling product packaging where at all possible or by disposing in proper garbage recepticle.

For more suggestions and options, please see BAITING TIPS