Ace of Baits


"Used the BAIT CAKES for the first time while out fishing in Rupert Arm for Dungeness Crab.  My crab traps where at 150' to 170' and ended up with 33 keeper males between the three of us with about 80% or better being of dinner plate size . . . BIG MALES!!  A rough guess on total numbers caught would be around 80 crab total between 4 traps. I left the bait cakes in for days and they continually caught crab and stunk like mad of fish with every drop dripping from the trap leaving a nice oil slick; we used the 1T3D Cakes in a half litre vented bait jar and still had 75% of the cake remaining after the 4th day! I went deeper than normal because there were so many sea otters around, rafts of hundreds of otters most on their backs eating big Dungeness. Great product, easy to use, a very effective.

. . . Jamie Bell - Sport Crab & Prawn Fisherman, British Columbia Canada

" I am a recreational crabber in Northern California.  This is my first year crabbing and I am just learning the ropes.  I have been using Ace of Baits 5 Day Bait Cakes in one bait jar and fresh bait (squid) in another.  My observations are that the bait cakes are much cleaner and are not so foul smelling when used up.  The bait cakes work well and don't take up freezer space.  I am able to store it on my boat.  I will next use bait cakes exclusively in half my pots versus fresh baits in the other half.  I typically do 3-5 day soaks.  I anticipate no difference in catch rate.  I am looking forward to cleaner hands, clean deck and full pots!  The technical help from Ryan at Ace of Baits has been very valuable."

. . . Oscar Barrios - Sport Crab Fisherman, Northern California, USA

"You can't know the difference till you try it.  Ace of Baits, I use it!"

. . . Tom Orr - Commercial Prawn Fisherman, British Columbia, Canada

"Ace of Baits is the best 100% Natural Crab and Prawn bait on the market today.  It's easy to use, clean, effective and is our top selling bait for Crab and Prawn.  On top of making an outstanding product, Ace of Batis offers service and support second to none!"

. . . Dan - River Sportsman, Campbell River British Columbia, Canada

"Ace of Baits products are the product of choice for most Puget Sound shrimpers.  I highly recommend the Copper River Prawn oil, it is clearly better than any of the other brands.  Mix this with the Ace of Baits prawn pellets and it is an unbeatable bait for spot prawns!"

. . . John Martinis - John's Sporting Goods, Everett Washington, USA

"I used the crab cakes in the San Juan Islands on opening day of crab this year.  I was quite amazed at the amount of crab we caught using the crab cakes.  Everyone that was with me was eager to get the crab cakes for themselves.  Pretty amazing bait!"

. . . John Martinis - John's Sporting Goods, Everrett Washington, USA

"Ace of Baits pellets work great, especially on long soaks.  They are very economical and we highly recommend them.  The company provides excellent customer service."

. . . Mike Clausen - Commercial Crab Fisherman of the F/V Carol M, West Coast of Washington, USA

“In my commercial fishing carrier of 25 years for Halibut and Black Cod I have tried many baits throughout the years with limited results, always having to keep going back to my regular baits and techniques.  To my surprise, Ace of Baits without a doubt exceeded ALL my expectations with an increase in my catch for both Halibut and Black Cod!  For me and my crew Ace of Baits makes the difference.”

. . . Tom Hahn - Commercial Fisherman, West Coast of Washington, USA